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The CSE Unit has been partnering with the OSCE Presence in Albania with the objective of:

  • building the capacity of civil society to increase its oversight over public and corporate governance
  • enhancing the training capacity of the Albanian School of Public Administration as an academic institute in charge of training civil servants dealing with businesses
  • contributing to setting the standards for corporate conduct through the development and dissemination of an anti-bribery code of conduct

In the course of 2015, the EBRD, in partnership with the OSCE, has been supporting the Albanian National Coordinator on Anti-Corruption to draft and implement a communication action plan on anti-corruption. Activities included the organisation of 29 lectures on anti-corruption in universities and high schools across 11 regions in Albania; dissemination of communication products including flyers and banners; and the organisation of regional workshops with civil society on the monitoring of governance issues.

The project has also been supporting the development of specialised curricula for the Albanian School of Public Administration on anti-corruption for civil servants in 2015, including modules dedicated to procurement and environmental issues. Training on anti-corruption to public officials will be implemented throughout 2016 via the aforementioned school in collaboration with the Italian National School of Public Administration.

Over 800 businesses were surveyed in 2015 by the Institute for Development Research and Alternatives, an Albanian research centre, which conducted an anti-bribery survey to assess the experience of corruption in Albania within the business community and explore the role and perception of business organisations to serve the business community in addressing corruption practices. The survey findings will represent the baseline for the draft of the anti-bribery code of conduct and related guidelines for the business community in 2016, which will be developed in partnership with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy.