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The Polish postal market was liberalised in 2013 and the EBRD continues to help promote private sector participation within it. InPost is currently the largest private postal operator in Poland and the main competitor to the incumbent operator Polish Post. In 2014, the company delivered 290 million items and generated PLN 456 million in revenue.  In 2015, the Bank participated in the initial public offering of InPost SA on the Warsaw Stock Exchange through a subscription of €5.7 million to existing shares offered by the current shareholder capital group.

This transaction will support the transformation of the postal business to function in the digital economy, as well as set standards for corporate governance, by developing and expanding a network of automated parcel machines/lockers (Easypack). This is an innovative and efficient “last mile” delivery solution which eliminates missed deliveries, closing times and the need to queue at depots. Not only will this result in significant financial savings compared with traditional courier services, but independent analysis shows that the expansion of the Easypack network will also lead to savings of up to 30,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The company will also receive technical assistance from the EBRD to implement a series of best practices in green logistics and road safety, becoming a leading example in the market. These measures will include implementing a plan to optimise carbon emissions across the supply chain and developing innovative carbon-neutral courier products.

The company will also offer its clients the option to offset incurred verified carbon emissions by supporting projects that combat climate change. Given its large fleet, the collaboration between the EBRD and InPost will also extend to delivering training on safe driving and implementing a road safety management system.